A Day in the Life of an ITMO Student

When I was in high school, my guilty pleasure was watching YouTube videos about the everyday life of different people. When I watched them, I dreamt about being like those people, living a life like they did. And now it’s my turn to tell some guys and girls that someday some of them will really live like that.

Living and Studying in Brussels: The Heart of Europe

I’m an exchange student, currently living in Brussels, Belgium. This city is full of contrasts and is proudly called "The Heart of Europe". It is a curious place to live in, I still haven’t figured out what is Brussels and I’m on my way discovering what is Belgium.

The Time I Saw the Queen… Twice

No, but really. I did. But that’s not the coolest part, although it is very awesome. But we’ll come back to that a bit later.

A Month in Pilsen is Like a Year of Travel

I am an exchange student who currently lives in Pilsen, a town you probably haven’t heard of before. It is okay because before I came here I had no idea about this place. Pilsen is the fourth largest city in the Czech Republic. If tourists come here, they do it for the sake of beer and beer factories.

Five Ways to Survive Autumn

It’s mid-October. Not the happiest time of year. Everything seems too cold, too dirty, too dark, too bad. However, you always have me to inspire you and cheer up. Here’s my Autumn survival kit. There are no contraindications; consultation with a specialist is not required.

What stereotypes do you know about Russia?

This is almost the first question I ask my new foreign friends after some classic small talk. As a buddy, I always meet a lot of foreigners. And it’s extremely interesting to know what people think about our country from the other side of the world.

How a Small Inconvenience Made Me More Environmentally Friendly

I have been in St. Petersburg for four weeks, and I am too stupid to know how to take out my trash. I’ve been told it requires screaming something into an intercom, but I find screaming undignified, so I have chosen instead to hoard it. There are no doubt those who would argue that hoarding trash is less dignified than screaming into an intercom, but we will have to agree to disagree.

Expat life in St. Peterburg

In this first blog entry, I want to share some experiences about living in St. Petersburg as an expat. When moving here in the beginning of May 2017, I was struck by the beauty of the city, and the cold weather. On victory day 2017 it was windy and snowing sometimes, while in my home country Austria it was already 20 °C at the time. From the start I was very lucky to have a lot of support from the ITMO Fellowship program coordination, and from my university faculty.

Recipe for Motivation

The hardest thing for students all over the world is always passing exams. Everybody hates books, notes, projects and reviews, university seems to be a torture. We all say "I need motivation"! Let’s get closer to the point and find the best recipe now.

History of TV in Leningrad and St. Petersburg

This year Petersburg TV celebrates its 80th anniversary. On this occasion, I visited the St. Petersburg Television Center. The theme of the history and development of television seemed to me very interesting. Plunging into the past, I found quite a lot of new and amazing facts for myself. I hope that you will also find something that you did not know or refresh your memory.

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